A Night Out!

October 7, 2016

Last Friday Hubbard cottage invited Warner cottage over for popcorn movie night. The older girls did not seem too enthused when they walked through the door, as they had hopes of going to the gym for some coed basketball time.Sue_blog_3.png

     The Warner girls put their shoes in the front hall and walked around the corner to find the toy room open, with the Hubbard girls clomping around in high heels, draped in shawls and dress up clothes! Wow!

 From that moment on, the background noise and atmosphere in the cottage was giggly, imaginative story telling, acting, posing, hair styling, and pampering, topped with good old fashion fun!

Three of the Warner girls immediately pawed through the bin looking for dresses, tried on some high heels and even found some costume jewelry to make their outfits complete.

Sue_blog-1.png        Three other Warner girls instinctively went straight for hair styling, teaching braiding and sock bun techniques to each other, and the house parents. Two other Warner girls, found some large styling mannequin heads to practice on.

     Concluding the gathering with the lights dimmed, voices quieted, popcorn distributed and apple juice poured, all enjoyed the ever popular movie “Holes”.

Suzanne Peltier, Houseparent, Hubbard Cottage

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