Charitable Giving: How Do I Decide?



Even if you don’t have billions of dollars to donate, you can still make a difference. We as a society tend to give because we feel altruistic. We have a want or need to help others. But, we might not have the budget to give what we feel would help, or we are unsure of where to begin.

Kurn Hattin Homes for Children supports all charitable giving; we are in the business! We want to help you find a way to donate that supports your budget, goals, and altruistic needs. So what should you think about before donating to charity?


Have A Clear Mission

What issues are most important to you? Are you a mother who wants to help children in need? Are you a dog-lover? Choose three that are close to your heart.

Decide Your “Reach”

Do you have a connection to your community? If so, choose a charity that supports your town and its needs. Maybe you would like to support a charity that has a global impact, or one that is specific to the United States. For instance, are you interested in helping those who were affected by a hurricane in New Orleans?

Pick High-Ranked Organizations

It has become easier and easier to donate to your favorite causes in the digital age. However, it has also allowed for some spam charities. Thankfully, there are a few sites to help you weed out those who may not be real organizations. The most popular site is Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator has a rank system based on their financial health, accountability & transparency and results. Kurn Hattin has a 4-star charity rating! Use this site to help find well-run organizations that are a good match for you. If an organization is hyper-local, it might be best to stop by. Are you welcomed?

Set A Budget

Give what you can, comfortably. The lion’s share of donations come at the end of the year; charities are always happy to get donations year-round. Set a monthly budget to give to your favorite charity. “Don’t give until it hurts. Give until it feels good.”

Hold Them Accountable

Check up on what the charity is doing with its donations. Each person that donates to a charity wants to help - and it helps knowing how! Read their blog - have they added new programs? A new building? Are they appreciative of their donors?

Donating to any charity means you are doing good - and you should feel good about that, no matter the amount. Kurn Hattin is hosting a #DollarDonorDay on Oct 21st to help bring awareness to our cause. As a children’s charity, we aim to transform the lives of those children and their families through our programs, homes, and offerings. Learn more about how to get involved and make good on your altruism!

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