Equine Affair - Kurn Hattin 4H Club

Kurn Hattin 4H Club ventured to the Equine Affair in Springfield, Massachusetts on November 10th for a whole day of fun-filled activities. Our 4H Club’s first stop was at the Coliseum. The Hunter/ Jumpers were cantering their horses over fences and obstacles. Our kids excitably counted the strides the horses took right before launching over the hurdles.

horse 3.jpg

The next stop was with a trainer from Australia, Guy McLeod. He was working a young horse that had never been ridden. Our kids asked, “Is he really going to get on that horse?” To the student’s amazement, he did get on the horse! As he was training, he spoke of his philosophy. “Let the horse make mistakes to find the boundaries. If we are always saying yes, the horse has a harder time figuring out what to do. Horses, like people, want to find balance.”

horse 2.jpg


During the rest of the day, we explored all of the barns with big, little and medium sized horses alongside their caretakers. It was a splendid full day of activities for the children to experience.

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