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Giving Children a Chance at Kurn Hattin 

Kids look to do well. Kids want to be good. Kids want to grow up to live their dreams. To be the people, they aspire to be. The people you want them to be. Sometimes, though, it's not that simple. Life throws all of us some curves. Problems at home, financial issues, a toxic social or physical environment....any of these things can work to steal the future from a child.

Children are amazingly resilient. Given a chance, a kid whose future looks bleak can turn her or his life around. If you've spent any time at Kurn Hattin, you've seen it happen every day as children transition out of difficult situations and into hopeful futures.

A child arrives angry, wary, confused. She thinks life is unfair. He doesn't believe in himself. Within weeks, the personality within has begun to emerge, and you begin to see the beautiful soul that the child was scared or unable to share before. They have new friends. New mentors. New faith in what they can do. In who they are.

Kurn Hattin gives these kids a chance. It gives them the safe, healthy, happy home they need to transform themselves. To grow strong. To become productive contributors to the world that once looked like it was stacked against them.

With your help, the staff and volunteers at Kurn Hattin make this remarkable transformation in children's lives possible every day.
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We Make It Happen.

Many of us look for ways to make the world a better place. To create a brighter future for the ones we love. But our lives, too, can get in the way. There's never enough time to do everything we want to do.

Fortunately, in this day and age, technology offers us new ways to support the causes we care about, quickly and easily. We can hop online and make a real difference with just a few taps of our fingers.

The global day of giving known as #GivingTuesday has become a prime example. In just a few years, it has grown into a hugely popular event, giving people who care an opportunity to express it. 


Discover #Hearts4Hattin



This year more than ever, we all need to seize the chance to show what we're capable of. To support the things we believe in. To make ourselves that good example. To prove that we can do some good.

#Hearts4Hattin 2016 falls on November 29. In the weeks leading up to it, we'll all want to show our support and encourage one another to take part.

At Kurn Hattin, we are putting our hearts into it. We are making this day our own with #Hearts4Hattin


Participate In #Hearts4Hattin!

Here's how it works. Go to #Hearts4Hattin on your favorite social media and follow the link to make a donation. Then share the love. Tell your friends and inspire them to join you. You become a "force multiplier for good" while being a voice for the Kurn Hattin kids.

There are lots of ways for you to get involved. Use our picture overlay to customize your profile picture. Post an "unselfie" with the #Hearts4Hattin hashtag and tell everyone why you donate. Get your friends to vote for your entry. Maybe even win the "Fan Awareness Award"!

Identify yourself with a cause that transforms the lives of children and their families forever. Your support of Kurn Hattin helps to break the destructive cycle of failure and hopelessness. When they win, we all win.

As we head into the holiday gift-giving season, we encourage you to give some amazing kids the best gift of all, a childhood. Among all the consumer-focused holidays that are concentrated on self, we'd appreciate your participation on the holidays that focus on others like #GivingTuesday and #Hearts4Hattin.

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