Why Donating to Children's Charities Makes Sense for Corporations

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For many business owners, one of the privileges of ownership is to be able to support the local community and play an important role in worthy causes. It’s one of the reasons businesses around the world are now investing their resources in local charities for children.

Boosting Employee Morale & Attracting Talent

The act of giving to a local children’s charity can help corporations showcase their commitment to the community. It can empower employees’ connection with their workplace, as they see the positive benefit that their organization is having on children in the region. A company donating their resources to local children’s charities also has the potential to attract attention from the local media, inspiring talented individuals from across the industry to learn more about the company, its cultivation of a charitable environment, and its commitment to good causes.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Companies often spend millions of dollars to promote their brand throughout the marketplace. The process can be made more simple by donating to respected children’s charities. The local media is always looking to write stories on brands that invest in the local area, and this type of exposure can help connect a brand with many new customers.

Tax Benefits

Organizations can also achieve numerous tax benefits through their donations to local children’s charities. The IRS allows companies to deduct cash contributions, and in-kind contributions to local charities from their tax payments. This means that offering resources to local children’s charities can help mitigate a company’s tax exposure and allow them to save money.

Donations Bring Networking Opportunities

Charities often hold donor events that allow their corporate sponsors to network with others in the community and build their connections with other businesses. For growing companies, this type of networking can help strengthen the foundation of the organization. It can give them access to professionals they wouldn’t ordinarily meet, and ensure their brand is noted in the business community.

Why Donate to Kurn Hattin?

Kurn Hattin works with children from across the local community. We provide a safe and nurturing home and school in which children can learn and grow. Our homes are built through the hard work of our staff and the support of donors throughout the country, and we currently provide safe housing for over 100 boys and girls, ages five to fifteen.

Before investing your firm’s resources into a children’s charity, it’s important to complete your research and connect with the organization and its staff. Our organization welcomes inquiries from our corporate partners, and we’re now accepting donations to support our work with children throughout the community. Learn more about our work and the donation process, here.

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